Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Kidnapped: Kitchen Edition

I've been taken hostage by my kitchen, somewhat willingly. I'm here to share what I've been doing in my absense from blogging and to try to explain to my mom why I'm too busy to call to her when she knows I'm snowed in :)

3 dozen dairy & soy free banana muffins, 6 loaves of banana bread, and a loaf of italian bread in my freezer

Chicken and rice soup with italian bread


Italian bread

Chicken and squash over penne with basil sauce

Homemade Gnocci

Chicken in mushroom sauce with garlic hasselback potatoes

Bourbon chicken over brown rice

Penne with homemade pasta sauce

Failed italian round loaf

Homemade pasta sauce, simmering

Dairy free oatmeal bread

Acorn squash, roasting in the oven

All I have to say is...cooking is a LOT of work. Especially when it has to be dairy and soy free (yes, that's right...we've added soy to the off-limits list...the rescheduled allergist appointment is on Thursday, but since the roads aren't clear and we're anticipating 10-20 more inches of snow tonight, there's a good chance that's not going to happen). I'm pretty proud of myself though, and I hope it will all get easier as I get more practice in the kitchen.

In other news, I plan on migrating to wordpress in the very near future, so after that is done we'll be back to our regularly scheduled programming around here, including a bread down on all the cooking/baking! I'm just crossing my fingers and hoping we don't lose power around here during the Snowpocalypse...


  1. Everything looks so good! I like the PANIC! hahahaha =)

  2. It all looks so delicious! This is just one more reason I wish we lived closer....I would never have to cook again!

  3. But just so you know....this is no excuse for not calling your mother.

  4. Wow Jamie! Everything looks so delicious! I'll take 1 loaf of banana bread and some bourbon chicken :) Can you put those recipes up or email me what you used?

  5. Wait....can we place orders? What a good idea, Anne!

  6. Uh oh...orders?? What did I get myself into!! Although I'd be willing to trade for sponge candy, mom.... :) Anne, I'll definitely put the recipes up soon!! And Emily, I can't believe they actually made the web site www.snowpocalypcedc.com!!

  7. Hi Jamie! I was so touched by your post to my blog. What a compliment to be compared to Immaculee!

    What a wonderful blog you have! I love your food pictures, I think I need some lessons for my cooking blog. I am so impressed by all of the delicious things you are making! What a great mom and wife you are!

    Keep up the great work! Nancy

  8. Thanks, Nancy!! I'm so excited you visited! I'll have to take a look at your cooking blog, I always am inspired by what other people are making!!

  9. yes please put up recipes! especially the bread, i have a bread machine but i CANNOT make bread by hand and i want to learn. yours looked great!