Hi, I'm Jamie.

I shamlelessly steal 90% of the pictures on my blog from my sister Emily.

I live in a 1,082 square foot apartment in the suburbs of Baltimore with my...

Handsome Husband Stephen

"Bean" - (Ava, Age 3)

"Bear" - (Clare, Age 2)

"Burger" - (Emeric, Born Halloween 2012)

Two Naughty Cats

I love to cook from scratch, and I hate to run.

That's all I've got for ya.


  1. "About me" sections are my favorite part of everybody's bligs - love the new look!

  2. Thanks for stopping by Carrots. Following you now! Your little ones are just too precious! What does Emeric mean? What a great name!

  3. Jamie! Hi - how funny you found my blog. I'm glad to see yours, and I'll become a reader like whoa. :) I love the name of your blog, so I'm excited.