Friday, June 4, 2010

Eating Induced Narcolepsy

I have a laundry list of good habits I would like to instill in Ava before our new bundle of joy arrives in December. One of them is learning how to fall asleep in her crib.

Ava started out being a great sleeper, but something went terribly wrong along the way...Thankfully, she has been sleeping through the night now that she has her own room. However, the two trips out of town to visit family and the move to a new apartment all within the matter of a month was enough to considerably upset her bedtime routine.

So we've been working on it. Stephen and I will stand with her while she tosses and turns until she falls asleep...which is usual a minimum of one hour later. A few times, I've given up because nap time has extended into meal time. And of course, this is what happens next:

Now I understand why our high chair reclines! And here's the groggy wake up shot:

I'm not sure why the high chair is such a comfortable sleeping location for Ava, and I hope that very soon she will be falling asleep in her crib without too much trouble - but for now, I've enjoyed watching her nod off into her sweet potatoes. Ok fine, I panicked the first time it happened. I thought she passed out or something. But now that I know she's still breathing, I think it's pretty much the cutest thing ever. :)

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