Thursday, May 2, 2013

Play - Theme Thursday

I was going to make a big bloggy comeback tomorrow with a "7 quick reasons I've been a pathetic blogger lately" post, but I saw this week's Theme Thursday is "play" and I couldn't resist - it's basically all we do around here.

Has anyone played this game before?  It's one of my childhood favorites and I was stoked to find it at a local toy store this week - for 30% off!  Wahoo!!  It's a kind of tricky game, but surprisingly Ava seems to grasp the concept.

I love this one because it's a great illustration of how just simply getting out to experience any little bit of the world is so good for kids.  I'm trying to remember the little errands we find so dull as adults can be adventures to children.  I was brave this week because my sister is in town visiting and I knew I'd have an extra pair of hands to help...we decided to go to a bookstore.  A real live grown up bookstore.  With lots of expensive books within reach of a 2 and 3 year old.  And we survived!  And the bookstore survived!  Guess what happened when we were home?

That's right, they changed out of their "street clothes" and put their princess pajamas back on!  But after that Ava set up her own little bookstore and went shopping with her Easter basket.  And Clare decided to hurl herself headfirst down our new-to-us indoor slide.

That's right, I said indoor slide.  Because that's what every 1000 square foot apartment with 5 human occupants + 2 pets needs.

Actually, it's Dr. Indoor Slide.

Go see Cari for more fun play pictures!


  1. What fun!! Dr. Indoor Slide - my kids would love that! :-)