Saturday, June 22, 2013

Quick Takes - The "More Questions Than Answers" Edition

1. I was so proud of myself for typing these up in the car on my phone on the way to North Carolina so as to post on time...then the Blogger App on my phone went kaput and I lost everything.  Here's the best recap I can muster while Emeric is resting his weary baby eyes.

2. Most terrifying project of the week/ever:

I don't always keep fatal chemicals in my apartment,
but when I do it's to make sweet mustache wine glasses.
A perilous journey which resulted in awesomeness.

3. Most terrifying moment of the week: Clare is allergic to pecans??  I very, very rarely buy baked goods at the store - I am a cookie-a-holic and bake cookies probably 3 or 4 days/week on average, but I was trying to get ready for our trip this week so I gave up and bought some from the store.  One box I got was a Pepperidge Farm variety box which included the Geneva cookies - topped with pecans.  That was the first choice of both Ava and Clare and after a few bites Clare started crying and told me "the cookie hurts!!  It hurts my teeth!!"  I thought she bit her tongue, but when I got closer to check out her mouth I realized her face was swelling.

I ran for the Benadryl - expired!  I checked the medicine drawer and found the epi-pen left over from her dairy allergy days - expired!  Stephen went right to the store for some more Benadryl and thankfully it never escalated beyond lower face/neck swelling.  Needless to say, we've got another appointment with the allergist.

My quick internet searches have revealed that tree nut allergies tend to be more highly linked to anaphylaxis and children rarely outgrow them and that the general recommendation is to avoid all tree nuts and peanuts...

4. ....

I don't really know how to share this sad, sad, sad news so...I'll just say it.  Hazelnuts are tree nuts.

Goodbye to you....

I also make Nutella crepes ~ 5 mornings a week and she's clearly doing just fine with it, so maybe we'll be allowed to keep that in the diet?? Does anybody reading have any experience with tree nut allergies and have some insight to share??

5. Another question: I might have asked this before, but does anyone have experience with tall feet?  Yes...tall.  Both Emeric and Ava have a very normal foot length and width, but their feet are thick (like, 4 inches high. Ok maybe 3.) and I can not for the life of me find a baby shoe to fit Emeric.  I never found any to fit Ava when she was a baby either, but at that point there was no reason for me not to just carry her everywhere and so her little bare feet never really touched the ground (I'm guessing this had something to do with her not walking until almost 14 months.)

Yet another shoe question - white saltwater sandals - yay or nay?  How dingy are these going to look after a few muddy days?

6. I'm on a roll with the questions. Why stop now??

Why do children hate bread crusts?

Why does Clare still refuse to use a pillow at age 2.5?

7. I was crazy excited to see Ashley welcomed her twins (um, I'm a little behind the times here) - one named Emerick!!  I might be biased but it's pretty much the best name ever :)

Happy weekend, ya'll!  Go see Jen for more fun summer reading.............


  1. Would pedipeds work on Emeric? They're pretty adjustable.

    And we got pale pink saltwater sandals for Cecilia and she played in the mud and they wiped off with zero problems! I say go for it :)

  2. Re: Nut allergies. I've had them all my life, and they've only gotten worse as I've gotten older and had babies. I used to be able to eat almonds, but can't any longer. If your daughter can still tolerate hazelnuts, I say go for it until she can't any more. But that is my opinion--a lot of docs would say avoid all together to avoid the possiblity of anaphlaxsis. In the meantime, get that epipen refilled! Also, if you are ever in that situation again, an expired epipen and benadryl are better than nothing--unless it is actually discolored, it is okay to use while you wait for paramedics.

  3. I have the same thick-foot problem with Leo. I tried getting some sandals on his feet the other day and it felt like the scene in Cinderella where the stepsisters try to force the slipper to fit.

  4. My nephew has thick feet and I think Stride-rite worked well? They can be pricey, but I've seen them discounted on Zulily.
    And I juuust bought white Salt water sandals for Evie, and love 'em. I was hesitant about white, but I figured she'd get the most wear out of that color!

  5. My daughter has really thick feet. I can't even get the shoes at Target on her foot. Have you tried See Kai Run? They are on the more expensive side, about like Pedipeds or Robeez, but you buy one pair and you are set. They are wonderful and fit thick feet well. We buy all her shoes from them because we have found that shopping around looking for something cheaper that MIGHT fit ends in wasted money.

    1. P.S. We usually buy them from diapers dot com or amazon because they often are cheaper there or can be bought using a coupon (and because seekairun dot com doesn't accept returns).

  6. My Chase has VERY tall (or maybe just wide) feet. I have to buy him the extra-wide stride rite sandals. Even crocs won't fit on his feet :) Amazon had many options!