Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Holiday Baking

Holiday Baking 2009 is officially over...ish.

Hair style complements of Deifiurs

Final goodie roster includes pumpkin bread, fudge, sour dough cookies, and peanut blossoms.

The pumpkin bread turned out great! I picked up a few mini-loaf pans at Michael's for $1 each, and this recipe made 6 of them. I was very happy with the way it turned out - Stephen ate it, and he doesn't even like pumpkin bread! I was really excited about these pans because they are the perfect size for the two of us. We ate a loaf and I froze the rest - I love having food on hand in the freezer for last minute guests. Not that we ever get any last minute guests...but the prospect is utterly thrilling to me, and if it ever did happen I love knowing that I would be prepared :) Did that sound as dorky as I think it did??


  1. I hope that Stephen doesn't eat all of your goodies before I get there! Your new blog is tooo awesome and cute! I love it!!!!

  2. Everything looks delicious!!
    (And don't worry about sounding dorky....you're a mom, you are supposed to sound dorky!)