Sunday, December 27, 2009

Merry belated Christmas!

Merry belated Christmas, everyone! We had a wonderful first Christmas with our beautiful baby Ava (first Christmas OUTSIDE of my belly, that is...) We didn't really do presents, but she did get a new high chair this month :) Stephen and I are both impatient and practical; we usually stick to things we know the other person needs/wants, and we both feel like it's pointless to be staring at boxes under the tree for a month when we both know full well what is in them and how we could be using them already!! I know, I know...we take all the fun out of it. I'm sure someday when our kids are old enough to understand what is going on we'll thrive on the suspense a bit more.

I recently completed my first guest post on my sisters blog, We Are Deifieurs. Be sure to check it out and take a look around her blog!

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