Friday, July 4, 2014

Quick Takes: I have the same bathing suit as Simcha Fisher

Linking up with Jen for another round of Quick Takes!

1. I feel kinda famous, because I have the same bathing suit as Simcha Fisher.

And I got it 2 years ago, so she definitely copied me.

2. Last weekend we took the girls to our church picnic (which is in it's 136th year - pretty impressive if you ask me) and I was very proud that Ava finally conquered her fear of riding a pony.

Last year we had season passes to a petting zoo that offered pony rides, and every time we went I'd ask her if she wanted to give it a try.  "Sure mom, maybe when I'm a teenager."  That's also her answer when I ask her about piercing her ears, so who knows, maybe a trip to the Piercing Pagoda is in our near future??

3. We also got cotton candy for the first time ever, and while the girls loved it...

...this kid - who eats pieces of tape off the floor, random bits of dinner from 3 nights ago that he finds hiding under his booster seat, and large handfuls of the contents of his diaper - refused to take a bite.

He spent the entire time feeding it to dad. Ok, kiddo. More for us.

4. I made Pioneer Woman's blackberry cobbler #1 (except I made it with blueberries) for a 4th of July breakfast, and it was super easy and deeelish.  You should definitely give it a try.

Sorry, this photo does not do it justice.  My late night iPhone camera skills need some work.

5. Guess which one is my daughter and which one is my sister?

So weird.  And neither one of them really look like me.

6. Check out the fantastic cutting board my dad made for my birthday:

Amazing, right?!  I've never had a wooden cutting board and I'm glad to finally make the switch.  I was getting pretty tired of picking plastic shards out of my chopped veggies.  I think I've figured out the basics of caring for a wood board, but if anyone has any ninja tips for me I'd love to hear them!

My dad made his first one with a black walnut tree from our backyard, which would have been totally awesome for nostalgic purposes, except that Clare and walnuts don't mix. :)

7. I just loved the comments on my last post about stuffing 3 kids in a bedroom and apartment dwelling.  I'm going to be writing another related post soon to keep this conversation going, because there is clearly a lot more to be said on this subject!

Go see Jen for more!


  1. I love the picture of the girls eating cotton candy together. So stinkin' adorable! And that pie looks SO GOOD! =)

  2. My youngest daughter looks so much like my sister did as a baby. So fun to see the resemblance!

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