Friday, May 29, 2015

Quick Takes That Don't Explain 4 Months of Blog Silence

I'm trying our a new concept that goes something along the lines of "don't let the perfect be the enemy of the good".  Here is a [not so very] good blog post that doesn't even attempt to explain another 4 months of internet silence.

- 1 -

It only seems right to start with a long overdue pic of my gigantic 4 (FOUR?!) month old.

I promise he wears clothes sometimes.

- 2 -

Still can't top his mom's girth at 4 months.

But minus some of the rolls, he kinda looks like me - no?

- 3 -

And in case you were wondering, this is what I look like now:

A portrait of mom, by Ava and Clare.  And such perfect timing - I was looking for a new profile picture!

- 4 -

The poor child got his first legit big-tub bath this week after the most epic diaper explosion I've ever experienced.  I've got 4 kids, people.  This was epic.

My other children have entire photo shoots dedicated to milestones like this one, but he got the classic fourth child treatment.  Mirror selfie #goodnuff

This is mom blogging at it's finest, friends.

- 5 -

Yesterday, Emeric became the first member of the family to experience the dreaded tick bite.  I dealt with it in my usual calm and collected manner and dragged him to urgent care ASAP to have it removed after my pediatrician recommended I put on my big girl pants and pull the sucker out myself.  I'm all like...if it's so easy, why won't you take my money and do it for me.  Why.  WHY.

Most creative naptime escape to date.

- 6 -

On the way home, I called my mom to give her the update.  I told her I earned a new badge on my mom scouts vest today.  Then I told her about the "I wish I still got stickers for doing hard stuff" meme and used the pap smear one as an example.  Then I remembered there were children in the car with me, because they started chanting "I got a pap smear!" all the way home.  So much win.

- 7 -

My sister's newest book is out and she's doing a faaaaaaaaaaaabulous giveaway on her blog!! Check it out here.

And now click on over to Kelly's internet casa for more!


  1. Oh the "I got a pap smear" chanting has me laughing out loud here. Hahaha. I could never have dealt with the tick. Who knew you needed a medical degree to be a mom?

    1. Rita - SO TRUE about the medical degree!! Between ticks and food allergies and eczema and fainting spells I feel like I've learned an awful lot in 5 years!!

  2. I'm fairly certain "I had a baby" is explanation enough for blogging silence! And #6 is amazing!

  3. We all want small children to chant "I got a pap smear," don't we? Too bad they weren't doing it at Target or somewhere similarly public so that others could share in your joy.

    Also too bad that you live far from me. I will pull out any ticks you want. I live in the country and have two dogs, so . . . yeah. 'Nuff said. :-)

    1. Oh I wish you lived closer!!! This one was in his diaper area and the pediatrician that I first talked to told me to get the tweezers nice and hot...hmmmmm....I didn't think that was going to go well....

  4. Yay! A baby!
    Ticks= yuck.
    I don't pull those suckers out either.
    Happy Weekend! : )

  5. Blargh, ticks. It is NOT as easy to pull those suckers out as they say!!

  6. Hahaha, gotta love the chanting!! At least it was in your car!! Gabriel is so cute and I think he looks just like your baby picture!

    1. Ava is a dead ringer for Stephen, but I think I can claim the rest of them!!

  7. Oh my! Ticks! I let my husband deal with those.
    #6 is hilarious!

    1. I called my husband right away and he was going to come home to do it - but then luckily the urgent care place for kids said they would do it for me :) In any case, it was definitely a 2 person job!!

  8. This makes me feel better about going months at a time without posting... #solidarity! no excuse needed! Love the cute chubby baby

    1. Honestly, sometimes it just feels like there is NO MARGIN in the day, right?! Any time I get 5 minutes, I just want to nap!!