Friday, May 16, 2014

Quick Takes. That's right, Quick Takes.

1. So...I am inexplicably writing quick takes after approximately 9 months of blog silence for no other reason than it is Friday.  And on Friday, we write Quick Takes.  (You know, except for the last 36 of them.)

2.  Let's get to the important stuff.  I'm assuming that most of you fine readers are familiar with Jen Fulwiler's new book Something Other Than God which is the fantastic story of her epic journey to Catholicism.  I mean, I think it's probably fantastic, but I haven't read it yet, despite receiving it in a timely manner on May 1, due to the fact that it was released on the day my hold for The Unofficial Guide to Walt Disney World ended at the library and I've only been waiting for it for like 4 months and I can't renew it because there is a waiting list and it's like 850 pages and if I don't read it all now I have to get to the end of the line and start over.  But like I said, I'm sure it is FANTASTIC.

3. Jen is having a fun little competition for the most epic selfie taken with her book, and despite the fact that I think Kelly's "I don't always read books..." selfie will definitely look best on Jen's shirt, I just can't pass up a competitive opportunity.  It must be some sort of weird ENFJ thing.

So there I was, just reading my book peacefully...and then I turned around.

4. And now for something completely unrelated, like how I probably missed my calling as an ENT specialist.  I have a bizarre obsession with ear canals in particular and my hypochondriac husband (we really are the perfect pair) indulged me in this little treat for mother's day:

I love it a disturbing amount.

5. We also have a pulse oximeter. Is that weird?

6. Sometimes medical gizmos like pulse oximeters come in handy when fainting goat disease run in your family.  On Wednesday, Clare scraped some skin off of the top of her foot on our bathroom stool.  Clare generally fears nothing, which is often to her detriment - but her kryptonite is the dreaded brush burn.  The first time she scraped her elbow falling in the parking lot, she refused to even look at it for the 2 weeks it took to heal.  She will literally run headlong into the corner of our silestone kitchen countertop, only to hop up and announce "at least I didn't get a brush burn!!" before continuing on her merry way. For whatever reason, brush burns freak her the heck out. So as I was cleaning her foot wound, she suddenly quieted her screams and I looked up and noticed her shaking profusely and starting to slump over - ding ding ding, I know this look.  I grabbed her and tipped her back in my arms and her lips were white and the skin all around her eyes was grey.  She was limp and her eyes were shut. And even though I know that this is the curse of all the females in my family, I of course I started slapping her cheeks and yelling "STAY WITH ME, CLARE!! STAY WITH ME!!" all dramatically like they do in the movies.  She never fully lost consciousness, but gahhhhhhhh. Gahhhhhhh. We've already established I don't handle these kind of moments under pressure very well.  Brush burns, man.  Who knew?

7. My awesome sister is selling really awesome posters on Etsy.  Check them out, especially if you have a dancer or history buff that you need to buy a present for!

TGIF!!!  Now go check out Jen for more Quick Takes.......

Note: This post contains Amazon Affiliate links because Rosie makes it look like so much fun. Apparently I can get a small percentage if you happen to buy a product through my links.  You know you want that book.  Or better yet, an EAR PROBE. ;)


  1. Yay! Quick takes! There's been a whole in my Feedly for too long.

  2. Happy Day!
    Jamie Post on my Dashboard!
    So...your selfie is the best. Ever.
    Missed you here. : )

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  3. Yay! You're back. I missed reading your blog :) I'd vote for your selfie. Hilarious. I don't know how you got them to stand there like that.

  4. Is it weird that I literally almost yelped in excitement over seeing you on my feedly this morning? It is, just a little. Come back for good!!

  5. So glad you're back! Haha, I have an otoscope, too, and love it, except my girls never let me check their ears. And that is an amazing selfie!

  6. Love the selfie. And I think I may also have that fainting goat thing.

  7. BLOGGING! YES!!! I'm so excited :)

    Love that selfie :) Have you just given up on the coloring on the walls? Because I'm about to... Cecilia colored all over her bed the other day and... I just don't care? Sigh.

  8. Yay for a post! (I almost thought you were going to announce a new baby!). Best SOTG photo ever.

  9. Welcome back! And I have to say, after a scary fever virus thing that my toddler had, I'm coveting that ear probe.

  10. I loved your selfie, very creative! :)

  11. Love the selfie! And I am absurdly jealous that you own that tool for looking in ears. I may have to put that on my wish list.

  12. No joke, I've checked bloglovin quite a few times to make sure it hadn't accidentally disconnected you from my feed somehow. But no, just no posts. And now here you are! Stoked to see you back.

  13. This is my first time reading here, and I'm laughing out loud at your Mother's Day gift of otoscope. My husband has one of those somewhere, and I'm always after him to get-that-thing-out-and-put-some-new-batteries-in-it-or-something because I want it! Maybe I'll just but one through your link and be done with it :)