Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Fall Capsule Wardrobe

Before I begin, if you have never heard of the "Capsule Wardrobe" concept, you can read more about it here.

I was pretty excited to read about this closet minimalism movement - FINALLY a trend came along that I was already an expert in.  35-40 items for a season?!  Try 35-40 items for the whole year.  That's right.  I'm hardcore.  And that probably includes maternity and nursing stuff.  I have a weird hang up about spending money on clothes and I've never been really uhh...good at fashion. To put it mildly. Let's just say that in college I was known on campus as "the girl that wears skirts over her jeans and crazy patterned pants" (You know what I think? I was just a decade ahead of my time.)


Row 6: Mocs / Boots / Loafers

Items marked with * are no longer available online, so I substituted with a similar item.

Actually, this was kind of of sadly hilarious revelation for me as I started taking photos of my clothes.  17 items??  And 2 are coats??  REALLY?  To be fair, I'm still on the hunt for a few things:

  • Maternity skinny jeans
  • A pocket cardigan
  • A variety of footwear.  So not a shoe girl here, as you can see from above.
  • More accessories (Which technically don't count, according to generally accepted capsule wardobe guidelines...!)

If you have any awesome recommendations for these things, I am ALL EARS.  One of my favorite things about the blogging is the great advice I get :)

Overall though, having this many clothes that fit me well and that I'm happy with is HUGE for me.  I'm sure some people probably think this is a nice problem to have - the anti-shopaholic - but the truth is, underbuying causes a whole lot of problems too.  I pretty much have a meltdown any time we need to travel, because I don't usually have enough "real clothing" (vs the 2 pairs of yoga pants I usually would spend the day lounging in) to last any more than a weekend trip.  Not to mention, how on earth do you pack when you are wearing one of the two outfits you were going to pack?!  Only slightly kidding here...

One more thing I'd like to add: there are several items on this list that are going to make the budget-conscious freeze up a bit.  The first thing to note about this is that the only higher-ticket piece I wasn't able to find an amazing deal on was the ponte pants, and in my opinion, they are worth EVERY PENNY.  I may even write a whole post about them someday.  If you fall in love with something and it isn't in your budget, just keep checking back on it.  Chances are, there will be a killer sale.  The second point to remember: cost per wear.  I'll let Shana take it from here.

I'll be back soon to share a few pictures of me wearing outfits from this capsule...and to illustrate why I will never be a fashion blogger :)


  1. My favorite maternity skinnies (okay, they may not be true skinny jeans, but very tapered so close enough!) came from Motherhood Maternity. Hope you can find a good pair!

  2. So impressed. I want to do one, but we will see! I feel like I need another year to thrift and build one I will like. None of my clothes are really sellable so I won't be able to generate dinero for filling in the empty spots just yet. And I'm the same way - I hate spending money on clothes so thrifting to the rescue!

  3. Okay, we need to get you some pretty scarves to add a little color!!!

    And yeah, I think ponte pants really are worth spending a chunk of money on - I used to have a maternity pair that I wore ALL THE TIME and they were so amazing. Ponte is just an awesome fabric and I love it - more things need to come in ponte!