Wednesday, November 19, 2014

November Favorites

Sickness and homeschool reviews and all the excuses can wait for a quick's time for Jamie blog therapy.  Linking up with Jenna for 5 Favorites this week!

- 1 -

I saved the best for FIRST - a butter crock.  (Or if you want to be fancy, a "french butter dish")

I know, I know - everyone is all paleo crazy and butter is evil, but I happen to love butter and so I selectively add blogs to my feed that affirm that love. ;)

IF you're a butter eater, you need to add this to your Christmas list ASAP.  (I mean it's not quite as awesome as Edel tickets, but if you're not going, this is a pretty good consolation prize.)  And if you're not a butter eater and you're hosting Thanksgiving this year, be kind to your butter eating guests :)  You can see a better explanation of how it works here, but the gist is this: SOFT BUTTER - I mean really, really soft, not "canola oil soft" or "Kerrygold massaged cow soft".  We've had it a few weeks and we are utterly addicted.

- 2 -

Ohhhhhhhhh and this is a close second.  As soon as I open this lotion I feel like crying because I know it will be gone soon and it's just too pricey to buy more than once a year.  Hmm...not sure I'm selling you on this.

I guess scents are a fairly subjective thing, but this is hands down my winter favorite.  Plus, it's free of all the nasty stuff.

Regular price is $36 - $40!!!!!  And no, I couldn't stomach that price even knowing how awesome it is.  But - it's on sale for $18 right now, which is still pretty ridiculous but if you're looking for a holiday splurge I recommend it with my Jamie holiday splurge seal of approval.  It's all very official.

I also HIGHLY recommend signing up for the Origins mailing list -  I recently got a $25 off anything coupon and they have a whole lot of other awesome products and Christmas gift sets (fabulous hand/foot lotions!  Could make great Christmas gifts...)  If you have a store near you, you can go in for a free facial which usually includes free samples.

(Note: I have no Origins affiliate links on this blog, even though I will certainly rave on like a lunatic every time I talk about them.  All of their products are amazing.  Seriously.)

- 3 -

Have you heard of Servv?  They sell handmade fair trade goods and this starburst mug from their catalog has been my go-to coffee holder since it showed up in the mail.  The description cheesily states that the mug has a "pleasingly tactile starburst pattern etched into its surface" ... which I totally giggled about when I first read it...but it's TRUE.  It's strangely relaxing to run my fingers around the patterns while I'm sipping my morning joe.  You may say I'm a weirdo...but I'm not the only one...

- 4 -

You know how you have those sweet little quirky things you say to your spouse that you think are unique to you as a couple and then you find them plastered on an Etsy pillowcase?

Oh well.  Maybe we're not that unique, but we do have awesome pillows on our bed now.

- 5 -

This one may not be as life changing for everyone, but if you are a gadget nerd or are married to one, this is a pretty awesome organizer.  It's not like our house is always clean and organized, but I do start feeling a little twitchy when there are things that don't have a place that they are supposed to go - like the pile of gear that would accumulate on Stephen's night stand (a laptop, a tablet, 2 smartphones??  I don't even know.)

It's kind of hard to see in my very artsy black and white photo that I quickly snapped while writing this post, but in the last slot there is a laptop, in the middle there is a tablet, and in the front there are 2 smart phones.  There are holes on the sides and front to feed your cords through, so it doubles as a charging station.  Very cool.  Be still my nerdy organizing crazy heart.

Tomorrow Clare will be FOUR and I better go get my beauty rest now so I can keep up with the festivities...I just realize I didn't write out her birth story yet so I'll get RIGHT on that - poor middle child ;)

(Note: Some of the links contained in this blog are affiliate links, which means that I receive a commission from purchases made through those links (at no extra cost to you!)


  1. You had me at butter. I didn't know French butter crocks were a thing, so this might just be life-changing.