Saturday, December 6, 2014

7 Quick Weekend Takes: Excuses, Excuses

Linking up with KELLY (?!?!) for Seven Quick Takes, subtitled: Excuses for falling back into my pattern of being a lame blogger. (And sub-subtitled: In which I inexplicably capitalize many words because I'm feeling sassy.  Or something)

- 1 -
Stomach bug from Hades.  Enough said.  Remind me never to complain about washing pee sheets again.

(No photo for this one.  You're welcome.)

- 2 -
In Maryland, we are required to do TWO homeschool reviews with the county per year (unless you are part of an umbrella group or something, which I would have joined had I been a little more on the ball/forward thinking...) and we had our first review in November.  And I basically walked in circles all week and bit my nails into oblivion thinking they were going to tell me I was doing EVERYTHING ALL WRONG WRONG WRONG!  And then I went to it and it only took like 8.5 minutes and they gave me a little gold star and told me to come back in the Spring.  Yay.

A regular homeschool day with Apple Jack as my assistant professor.

- 3 -
I'm 29 weeks pregnant, contractions upon any excessive movement are back with a vengeance, my cervix has started to shorten as of 2 weeks ago, and I am apparently anemic and have a UTI.  I feel...not awesome right now.

New cute baby picture because I don't have any belly pictures.

- 4 -
Despite not feeling awesome, I am nesting with vengeance.  Hence, it was REALLY IMPORTANT that I make a little wreath out of hedge trimmings and chalkboard paint a tree slice and a complete variety of other equally inane household projects this month.

REALLY IMPORTANT.  Because how can we welcome a new child into
our home without a hedge trimmings wreath?!

- 5 -
I think this is probably related to my nesting instincts but I tried REALLY REALLY hard this year to get all my Christmas prep done BEFORE Advent so we could actually have a peaceful Advent this year.  I didn't quite get it all done...but it's a huuuge improvement over past years so I'll take it.

Got a gorgeous print from Audrey Eclectic - love it!!

- 6 -
Clare turned FOUR the week before Thanksgiving and got the typical Middle Child treatment on the ol' blog because I tried really hard to make it fun IRL.  (Read: I single-handedly took a 2, 4, and 5 year old to a bounce house, Chick-Fil-A, and Build-a-Bear in a span of 6 hours while 27 weeks pregnant.)  I pretty sure she prefers real life fun vs an internet mention anyway.  But more internet mentions are coming, because I've never post a birth story for the poor kid.  You know she asks me every day when I'm going to post her birth story on the internet and I tell her I'll get around to it after I finish my bon bons on the couch.

- 7 -
My mom and sisters came almost 2 weeks ago and are still here! Yay!!  I would rather hang out with them and soak up all my time with them (ok fine SLEEP IN AND NAP while I have helping hands around) instead of blogging.

Bonus: They also make me Nutella crepes.

Now that you're sick of me and my excuses, go read some better bloggers over at This Ain't the Lyceum...Kelly is one of the coolest online personalities you'll meet, but we're going to miss you as our link up home base, Jen!!

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  1. This is the first pregnancy that I've been anemic and I had no idea how annoying it is. You're a rock star for taking your kids to all those places–I hope Clare appreciated it!! ;) Also, if you want to send some Nutella crepes my way, I'll email you my address.