Wednesday, December 31, 2014

2014 in 12 Photos

To whoever is browsing blogs in their pajamas at 10pm on New Year's Eve - here ya go.  Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.  You are my people :)  Linking up with Dwija for 2014 in 12 easy glam shots!

(As usual, the vast majority of these photos were taken by my lovely sister!)

January - We spent some time at my parents house right around New Years and the kids got to enjoy an upstate NY winter :)

February - It was Stephen's birthday, and he and I did an overnight in DC - our first night away from the children EVER.  It was awesome, and it also made me feel like crying a little.  But it was mostly just awesome.  Also worth mentioning is my mom and sisters and I later metro-ing the whole crew into DC to visit Amelia Earhart's plane at the Air & Space Museum.

March - Looking back through the photos, it seems like March was pretty low key - lots of the everyday stuff, some feast day celebrations, and as calm and peaceful a Lent as you can get with 3 children 4 and under...

April - We spent Easter in NC with Stephen's parents, and the girls enjoyed lots of family, fresh air, and space to run :)

May - The month of the epic Something Other Than God photo shoot...  

June - Stephen was tied up at work so I made a solo trip to NY with the kids, meeting up with my mom and sisters halfway through PA at Reptiland.  It was my 28th birthday, and shortly after that I saw 2 little pink lines!!  We squeezed in some summer fun despite me being pretty sick by the end of the month - strawberry picking and church picnics and outdoorsy fun.

July - Ava turned the big F-I-V-E, and the girls were flower girls in my brother's wedding down in Georgia!  We stopped in to stay with Stephen's parents on the drive down and back.  Also...we moved from our apartment building of 6 years (which was awesome and we loved but was just not working with so many tiny humans in our life) to a house and then had an epic battle with carbon monoxide for a few weeks.  Whew.

August - My mom and sisters were back in town, and we got to celebrate my mom and Haley's birthdays while they were here!  Mostly we just chilled, tried to get more unpacking/settling done, and thoroughly enjoyed having a yard and a new play set for the kids to use for the summer.

September - It's a boy!!  And we started out first real year of homeschooling.  Weird.

October - The not so baby of the family turned 2!!  We got out for a few hayrides and tried to soak up all the fall fun I could handle.  The kids got to go trick or treating in our neighborhood, which was a lot less chaotic than Main Street trick or treating...

November - The Clare bear turned four!!!!  I wanted to make it fun and make sure Clare wasn't getting the middle child treatment and single handedly took all the kids to the bounce house, Chick-Fil-A, and Build-A-Bear while 27 weeks pregnant.  My mom and sisters came for Thanksgiving and then stayed and babied me for 2 weeks.  And Emeric got his first haircut...(sob!!)

December - Ava was supposed to be in the Nutcracker, and got sick while we were at dress rehearsal the night before the performance.  So, so, sad.  Sickness continued throughout the family for most of the month, and the uterus is on "real cranky" status at this point, so we mostly stayed in.  Stephen resigned from his employer of 10 years to take a new position elsewhere and of course - Christmas.  Which I guess we did ok at this year :)

I'd say something really touching here to wrap this up, but since I'm just about guaranteed to give birth in the next month I'm feeling a little bit emotional train wrecky and don't want to end the night by sobbing uncontrollably.  So - CHEERS!  All the best to you all in 2015!!


  1. Happy New Year! I definitely remember that SOTG pic!

  2. Your photos are gorgeous, and yay for upstate NY winters! One of these years I'll get my kids out to experience one. ;)

    P.S. I totally sympathize with the real cranky uterus.

  3. These pictures are so so beautiful! Seriously, your sister wins at life for supplying you with so many "this is my awesome life" pictures :) Can't wait for that baby to be born!

  4. Emotional train wrecky is my very favorite kind of wrecky. Gorgeous pics, Jamie!