Thursday, December 18, 2014

It Took A War - A Study Guide and a Giveaway!

You little sister WROTE A BOOK!!  She is amazing.  I really wish I were good at writing book reviews, but...I'm not.  So here's the official book summary:

by Emily Ann Putzke

1861 - Sixteen year old Joe Roberts leads a mundane life as far as he’s concerned. His world spins in the same circle each day: working at his family’s store, taking his sisters on boyish escapades and bickering with his rogue of a cousin, Lucas. Joe can’t understand why his mother allows Lucas to live and work with them after all the pain he caused their family. When war is declared, Joe is quick to join up and become a soldier with the 11th Pennsylvania Volunteers, but war is nothing like he imagined. To make matters worse, he must endure having Lucas in the same regiment. Can Joe put the pain of the past behind him? Forgiveness is easier said than done.

You can purchase It Took a War through:

This book is, in my opinion, the perfect mom length. I'm sure some of you could sit down and read it in an evening easily, while I took the path of least resistance and split it into two sessions. It's a really sweet book with a happy ending, but pregnant women might cry a tiny bit in between. I mean not ME, but you know...other pregnant ladies. ;)

Now listen up homeschooling moms of middle/high schoolers!! Emily did a lot of research to write this book - she does civil war reenacting for fun (which sounded cool to me until I realized it entailed sleeping in rustic tents in ridiculously cold temperatures and figuring out how the heck to make coffee over a fire in the morning...) and becomes giddy at the sight of gloves worn by Robert E. Lee.  

In any case, you can be sure that this is all very historically accurate and makes an awesome companion to your teen's history studies. And Emily, being the amazing historical genius she is, has put together a REALLY COOL (and FREE!) little study guide to go along with the book. It has an activity to complete for each book chapter, and I seriously can't wait until Ava is old enough to do this!!

Click Here to see the study guide!

AND! Emily is doing an awesome giveaway right now: an autographed copy of her book, a Gettysburg mug, some hot cocoa and peppermint sticks, and a leather bound journal. You can enter below!

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Congratulations, Emily!!  We are all so ridiculously impressed and proud of you!!

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Emily Ann Putzke is a 19 year old Christian, homeschool graduate and history lover. Besides writing historical fiction, she enjoys photography (especially photographing her nieces and nephew), reading, spending time with her family, Civil War reenacting, traveling and a good cup of coffee. She resides in New York State where she drinks in the beautiful autumns and tries to endure the long winters

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  1. Very cool! Do you know if this book would be appropriate for me to read aloud to my boys? I homeschool them, and we are learning about American history this year. I think they would be excited about reading a book that was written by a homeschool graduate. They are 11 and 6 years old. Their older brother is a homeschool graduate and is in college now, but if he were still learning at home, I would definitely make him read it!