Wednesday, December 17, 2014

December Favorites: Lots of Gold and Sparkles

Linking up with Jenna today with my December favorites!

- 1 -

This candle is AHHHMAZING.  Since Stephen and pine don't mix, we have an artificial tree - but I desperately miss that fresh tree scent.  This candle NAILS IT.

And it's sparkly.

- 2 -

OPI "All Sparkly And Gold" polish - let's be clear, I'm no glitter polish connoisseur, but I do love sparkles and have had a few run ins with really frustrating glitter polishes in the past.  This polish goes awesome over a base color and makes a nice light glitter coating with 1 coat, but what I've been doing is a quick double coat for the BAM! GOLD! factor.  I hate waiting for my first coat to dry and inevitably smudge things up by trying to recoat too quickly, but with this polish you seriously can do no wrong.  Everything just magically smooths out somehow.  And if you go out of bounds a little bit with your strokes, you don't even notice since it's mostly clear.  Also, I swear it dries faster than any of my other polishes...but maybe it's just that if you bump it a tiny bit before it's totally and completely hardened, you don't notice a dent at all...

Anyway, a total winner for nail polish dunces like me.

- 3 -

Target Mini Mugs.

Along came hot cocoa season, and I quickly realized that 3 children wanting warm beverages each day didn't jive with my minimalist mug collection - and that a regular size mug of cocoa is really way too much for the 5 and under crowd anyway.

I like to Target window shop as much as the next gal, but I'm really not usually sucked into buying their trendy home goods.  Still, when I saw these...and especially when I saw they had FOUR designs to distinguish mugs for the four little bodies in our family...I had them in the cart in approximately 4 seconds flat.  (And at $1.99/each, I thought they were a pretty reasonable steal!  Sorry, can't find a link anywhere needed an excuse to go to Target thought, right?! ;)

- 4 -

New Christmas prints!

Like the Target mugs, I knew as soon as I saw this print that it was going in my Etsy cart.  Not much more to say besides: behold!!

If you're not familiar with Audrey Electic, you are missing out!  She has a shop full of absolutely beautiful prints - check them out here.

I also won this awesome print from {with joy calligraphy} during the Carrots for Michaelmas More Feasts! FB launch party (thanks again to Haley and Elise!!) and it's a good thing too, because they are the only two framed pieces that have made it onto the wall thus far.  I mean like, ever.  Since we moved in July.  Yeah...

- 5 -

Metallic Succulents.  I may or may not have audibly let out a "Wiki Wiki Whaaaa?!!" when I walked by these at the store.  Clearly, I'm on a serious shiny kick or something.

Stephen's first question: "So...what about photosynthesis?"

My answer: "Irrelevent - I kill all our plants anyway."

Go see Jenna for more favoritos!!


  1. That nail polish is the bomb dot com. I used like half of it at your house! I probably owe you a new bottle! =) Those mugs and the prints are so festival and pretty! EMERIC IS SO CUTE! Miss you guys!!

  2. I LOVE ALL THE SPARKLY THINGS! And the mugs! Your favorites are now my favorites! Sorry for yelling!

  3. The dangerous thing about Five Favorites is how I always manage to find things I didn't know I needed. Like that gold nailpolish.