Friday, November 7, 2014

Quick Takes: The mostly Halloween edition

Linking up with Jen for Quick Takes...cuz it's the cool thing to do on a Friday.

 - 1 -

After I published my Capsule Wardrobe post on Wednesday, I noticed that it was my 100TH POST.  Whaat?!  Had I known, I would have planned something awesome.  But...I didn't. Sorry.  I thought about writing some sort of "100 things" post like Grace's 31 things, and then I thought better of it.  You're welcome.

- 2 -

My mom and sisters came last week for Emeric's birthday and Halloween, and we partied like it was 2014.

Yep, we all got the crazy bug.

My sister has the full photo rundown here :)

- 3 -

I tried really hard to convince the kids that it would be SO CUTE if they dressed up as Elsa, Anna, and Olaf for Halloween.  They weren't going for it.

Ava was dead set on being something scary, which is hilarious considering she is hands down the most easily scared of the crew.  Clare, rather predictably, ended up with her long time love: Strawberry Shortcake.  

I actually bought the girls costumes this year - sewing is definitely not my thing - but I didn't really feel like shelling out any money on Emeric because I was pretty sure putting on a ridiculous outfit for his birthday wasn't high on his priority list.  Luckily, red suspenders make pretty versatile costume props.  I couldn't track down a newsie hat in time, and after trying unsuccessfully to craft a gnome hat and beard (that he would have looooved wearing - sike!) we ended up using an eyebrow pencil at the last minute to add some facial hair for the lumberjack look.

- 4 -

All Saints?  I got nothin' for ya.  

I'm a "go big or go home" person, so this is a super overwhelming day for me - ALL of the saints?!  And then there's the fact that I know shamefully few saint stories...and I've also got the "I want to verify all my facts 100% and sort them out from the legends before I present them to my children" complex going on...

And see #3 above, most easily scared child?  Last year I tried to read this book about St. Lucia to the girls, and Ava had an utter meltdown at her being arrested for being a Christian.  We never even got to the truly gruesome stuff.  (Lesson learned: take a glance through books before you read them to your child.)  So I guess I need to put "create a master list of tame saints and learn all about them" on my master To Do list.  Unless someone wants to make this list for me...I would be glad to repay you in cookies...

- 5 -

Has anyone heard about this "Trick or Booz" thing?  How do I get THAT started in my neighborhood?!
- 6 - 

The barf gods are visiting our home this morning so I'm going to speed this along...

- 7 -

Last, but not at all least - my sister WROTE A BOOK.  

It's being released soon - probably December 1?  I'll keep you posted with more details soon.

Bonus for all you homeschooling moms that live within driving distance of can totally turn this into an awesome history unit.  My sister has DONE HER RESEARCH - check out her post about touring the actual sites here.  So nerdy cool :)

Go see Jen for more!  


  1. Trick or booze; my husband's cousin has this in his neighborhood and every year they rub it in.
    And totally don't over think the saints. The stories in 'The Golden Legend' are great because they have all the medieval details like beasts, crazy quips and weird apparitions. It's hard to get freaked out when saints are busting out of dragon sides.

  2. I MISS YOU GUYS!!! Thanks for the shout out for my book!! =)