Thursday, December 27, 2012


Heh heh, gotta slip in the Elf humor wherever I can. Anyway, I'm Catholic, so the Christmas party's just gettin' started around here. Therefore, I do not feel ashamed that I'm 2 days late with my Insta-Christmas roundup.

First, I had a serious lapse in judgement and decided to purchase a bow and arrow set for my 3 year old. In my defense, I thought that she couldn't possibly learn to shoot it, at least not with any amount of force or accuracy, but of course she proved me wrong by approximately 4pm Christmas evening. Videos to come...

We managed to keep ornaments on the tree for a whopping 3 days or so. Then we opted for a few toddler-made foam wreaths placed at the top where nobody could reach...of course, the girls found a way around that. Lost count of how many times I came out of the bathroom to this:

I don't always make my family breakfast, but when I do I make something seasonally appropriate and delicious. I am...the most interesting mom in the world.

How to take Christmas card photos with 3 children 3 and under: Put them in semi matching p-jams. Scatter copious amounts of candy corn on the bed. Bam. Christmas card.

My husband is pretty much the coolest ever. He decided one day "Hey, I'm going to learn how to make rosaries." And he did. And he is awesome at it. So now he's expanding his horizons to jewelry and he gave me these earrings on Christmas Eve. Best part? He's on Pinterest, and told me to pin jewelry I like so he can make it for me. Like I said, coolest EVER.

Lamest show of presents ever. Thought we'd be with family and was counting on them to bolster the supply, but we had to cancel our plans last minute. :( 10pm Christmas Eve: "Hey Stephen, can you run down to the recycling room and see if you can find any newspaper to wrap this stuff in??" Eco friendly or cheap? I'll let you decide...

Ok, that's all I've got for now. Still trying to find some time to catch up on my feeds and hear how everyone else's festivities went!! Merry Christmas!!