Friday, December 28, 2012

Quick Takes The Third

1. My first and only public service announcement for the year...if you have a baby during cold and flu season, you must...MUST...own a Nosefrida Snotsucker. It is not optional. Yes it is actually called "snotsucker". And yes, I know it is disturbing. But no joke, it's the only way to go when you've got a congested infant.

No children were harmed in the staging of this shot.

2. As mentioned before, we got Ava a bow and arrow set for Christmas and much to our chagrin she figured out how to use it.

Look, Ma!! It's my first animated gif!!

3. While we were coloring that target in the video, I was explaining to Ava that this was called a target...and then exclaimed "so THAT'S why it's Target's logo!!" As in Target the store. As in, I've never connected the two in my life.

I'd just like to retract #3. That's just embarassing.

4. I don't think I realized just how much Dora we had consumed in this household until I found myself trying to remember my grocery list at the store this week and had " chips! chips!" playing over and over in my head.

Surprisingly though, this memory technique works pretty well.

5. I think I've stumbled across a pretty amazing way to occupy children for hours on end. Spent brownie pans.

That's right. Ava asked to eat the crumbs out of the pan after all the brownies were gone and I kid you not - it kept them busy for at least 45 minutes. That's solid gold in mom time. I feel like there is a business opportunity here - I'll eat the brownies, then send out the pan of crumbs so you don't even have to do the work!! Send your order requests to

Don't judge me.

6. I'm tired and I'd like to finish these quick takes before 10pm for once. So here's a lazy take pic of the most adorable 8 week old man you've ever laid eyes on:

I feel like I need to audition him for an e-trade commercial or something.

7. And I'll leave you with the most miraculous picture ever taken of our family. Miraculous because the girls just stood there. Nobody tried to run away, nobody threw a temper tantrum, nobody crossed their eyes or flashed their princess panties, we just stood there and took a picture. And it turned out completely fine. Seriously...Christmas miracle.

Go see Jen for more quick takes!!


  1. hahaha the snotsucker...I remember when you first tried it out...and we were all kinda disgusted...but hey, it worked! Annnd I love the picture of you guys at the end of this post! So cute! (in Clare's adorable voice)

    1. Wait how did I miss your comment??? Geeeesh I'm a jerk sister....anyway, did I tell you I found a towel w/an owl head at Target that said "SO CUTE!" hahaha I think I definitely need to buy it for her...

  2. No, no, no! Battery powered nasal aspirator!!! Battery powered!!!! There's still lots of screaming and squirming but it's battery powered!!!!
    And the little man in the tie melted my heart into goo. Awesome pic.

    1. What!!! I am getting schooled left and right here!!! First Ana improves my glorious minivan algorithm and now I hear there's such a thing as a...BATTERY POWERED NASAL ASPIRATOR?! I tell ya. I'm feeling like a real noob over here...going to Google this new development right now...

  3. Saw your link over at Dwija's, and yes -- I'm now commenting on a several-week-old post but i have to say that I am with you there on #3 ... i don't think that reason/connection ever occurred to me. You're not alone. :)

    You have a lovely family.

    1. Hahahaa I can't tell you how glad I am that I'm not the only husband has been teasing me mercilessly about it and now I can pretend like this is a common occurance (anyone else out there with us?? I need to bolster my case with as much evidence as possible...)

      I just took a peek at your blog and I'm hooked...beautiful wedding pictures!! Can't wait to read more - congratulations on baby boy!!!

  4. OK, this is an old post, but I just had to say, I always thought that Target's logo was a "bullseye" Thank you for clearing that up for me....I'm older than you---more embarrassing.

  5. Oh, and your kids are very cute!!