Thursday, January 21, 2010

6 Months

My sweet little Ava turned 6 months old yesterday! Everybody warned me about how quickly the time goes, but I don't think you get it until you get it. You know? I was shocked to find out she was only 14 lbs. 14 oz. - I thought for sure she would be at least 25 pounds. I must be getting wimpier, because I feel like she's getting waaay to heavy to be carrying around all the time :) You may think 25 pounds is a bit excessive, but it's really not...see below.

This is a picture of me and my mom when I was 2 MONTHS old. Don't you just love my chins? By 5 months, I had racked up a whopping 21 pounds. Wolfram Alpha projects that my adult weight should be 398 pounds...I guess I'm still young, but I'm pretty sure I've hit a plateau...

Of course with every doctor appointment at this age comes shots. I am pleased to report that both Ava and I did remarkably well this time around :0) I was downright sick before the 4 month shots. Thankfully, Ava handled them like a trooper, instantly calm once I shook her favorite monkey toy in her face a few times. The aftermath at 4 months was a little rough though - she had a bout of hypercrying once we got home and a fever for quite a few days afterwards. This month, I held it together much better. The monkey toy didn't cut it this time, but she didn't cry for long and she had absolutely no fever or any other symptoms this time! Wahoo!!

Next up, allergy testing on Tuesday...:(


  1. I can't believe you were that big as a baby, Jamie! You would never know it now! Peyton weighed in at 14 lbs 7 oz. at her 7 month check up... Now at 8 months I think she's a little over 15 lbs but I haven't gotten her "actually" weighed... just holding her on the bathroom scale, lol. I think our girls are close in size :) Question... what size diapers does Ava wear? I can't figure out the diaper size thing. The weight guide on the side of the box doesn't always work in my opinion... I have Peyton in Pampers size 2-3... but I can't tell if they're right. I need someone to explain diaper sizing to me, lol. Because Leigh's baby isn't that much smaller than Peyton (just a couple pounds) and she's in size 1 diapers... I'm so confused. Why do I stress about the little things? Because I'm a mom. What else would I do?

    Haha well, all that to say... HAPPY 6 MONTH AVA!

  2. And I have worse pictures than that, too!!
    Peyton is a tiny thing! I DEFINITELY don't follow the weight guidelines on the diapers...I use diapers waaay bigger than I should, I'm sure!! I feel like I'm squishing her otherwise...She's in size 4 in both Pampers and Huggies right now, but since the Pampers run smaller I'm guessing I'll be bumping her up to a size 5 in those pretty soon! I hate to do it since they get more expensive as they get bigger, but in the end I feel like the bigger sizes reduce the "blow-outs" :) I stress about every little thing too, and at first I felt weird putting her in much bigger diapers than she technically should be wearing, but one of my mommy friends recently pointed out that babies (ok actually all people) come in so many shapes and sizes and you also have to consider that height and muscle mass have an effect on weight which can skew those guidelines...of course I would like to tell you "don't worry about it" but as you pointed out, we ARE moms...:)