Wednesday, January 20, 2010

New York, New York

We're finally home from a nice long weekend visit with my family up in New York! (Ok, ok...we got back Monday night. I've been catching up on laundry!!) It's always a great time being with family, and it's SO hard to leave. I so wish we could all live closer...if you live near your family, enjoy them!! Not everyone has that privilege.

Me and Emily

We pretty much took it easy during our visit (a 6 hour drive with baby wears me out, and I don't even do most of the driving!!) and spent our time together as much as possible. One of our fun activities was salsa making. To sum up using the old adage, "if at first you don't succeed..." Yeah, big fail. But at least we learned to use less onions next time!

Onion Soup Salsa

Our good friends the Crane family (including the new Humphrey branch! So good to see you guys!!) stopped by as we were finishing up the salsa, and so they became the unfortunate victims of the onion soup. However, Mr. Crane suggested a little trick that made the salsa much more manageable...sugar! (A spoon full of sugar works for more than just medicine apparently...) It was definitely more edible after the addition, but I think our salsa was just too far gone to be salvaged. However, if the ratio of onions to tomato was slightly more intact, I think the sugar could have really saved the day!! Just thought I'd pass that handy tip along...

Well I've got plenty to catch you up on, so I'll be back with more soon!


  1. I totally agree... if anyone reading this is blessed enough to live close to your family... DON'T TAKE IT FORGRANTED!!! :) Sounds like you had a fun weekend though! I admire your bravery in the kitchen, Jamie!! And keep on trying... I'm sure there's an award winning salsa recipe in you somewhere ;) How did Ava's 6 month shots go? Are you (cough cough I mean, is she?) recovered yet?? ;)

  2. P.S. and thank you Mr. Crane for the sugar tip! that NEVER would have occurred to me!

  3. It was so good to have you guys here! I think it should be a rule that children must stay in the same town as their parents when they grow up....or how about, children just aren't allowed to grow up?? I will work on this with the two I have left!

  4. Haha I think you have one perfect child that will follow your rules, mom...I don't know about the rest of us :)

    I am DEFINITELY going to keep working on the salsa, Claire!! I love love LOVE salsa, especially when it's fresh...and Ava handled shots just beautifully (no fever or anything afterwards!! yesss! Just posted about this actually...) And I didn't do too bad myself least I didn't nearly lose my lunch beforehand like last time...