Friday, January 1, 2010

Win a Baby Bjorn Travel Crib!

Ok for everyone reading this who is NOT a parent, please pardon the diversion. I was recently visiting Thrify and Chic Mom and saw that she is giving away a Baby Bjorn Travel Crib. I had never seen this travel crib before, but after watching the demo, I was practically drooling. I think Stephen is actually more excited about this than me, since he is the one who has to assemble and disassemble and lug around the co-sleeper every time we travel.

We bought the co-sleeper thinking we would use it for the first few weeks so I wouldn't have to be getting up and down so much at night while recovering, and also that we could use it for travel and as a play yard as she got older. As it turned out, Ava much preferred the crib (and I actually found it easier to set up and turn my body to get out of bed rather than reach over to the side and pull her into bed at night to feed her.) It's a nice, sturdy piece of equipment, but it really is a pain to set up, tear down, and move around (not to mention quite heavy!!)

I thought all you mommies out there would love to hear about this crib, and also be leaping at the chance to win one!! Go here to find out more details and to enter!

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