Friday, January 22, 2010

Finer Things Friday: Dairy Free Pizza

Today, I am joining Amy at The Finer Things In Life in reflecting on...well, the finer things in my life. And today, it may seem shallow, but one of those things is pizza.

Stephen and I typically have been excessive pizza eaters. I'm not hyperbolizing when I say the first month I moved to Maryland, we ate nothing but Pizza and Chinese takeout. Since Ava has dairy issues and I am still nursing, I have not had a slice of pizza since before Thanksgiving. (And let me tell you - a dairy free diet is a quick way to lose baby weight, especially when you eat as much butter as I do did!)

Yesterday I was perusing the special foods section at Safeway, and I happened upon an incredible find - Amy's dairy free pizza!! I guess I never realized there was such a thing, but I'm very glad I found it. It was manna in my dairy free dessert!! Ahahaha...ahaha....I'm such a nerd.

But seriously, it was good. If you're going dairy free for any reason, I'd definitely recommend giving it a try!!


  1. Ava is SO cute! My mom is allergic to dairy, so I'm gonna pass on your find! She'll probably be thanking you forever ;)

  2. I didn't know that about your mom...I'm really hoping Ava grows out of this, I can't imagine having to live without dairy forever!!

    And I totally forgot to mention how adorable Peyton looked in her cute little hat on your blog!! (I was having trouble sleeping last night anyway because I was really sick, but I ACTUALLY woke up and thought, "I forgot to comment on Claire's blog about how cute Peyton is!!" - I also had a dream about you the other my dream I went to a mommy/baby gymnastics class and you and Peyton were there!! ha ha I'm starting to sound kind of stalkerish, I know...)

    I was hoping to crochet Ava a hat soon, now I have some new inspiration to do it :)

  3. I would be so sad to give up dairy. :( Awesome that you found your favorite food in dairy-free!

  4. Luckily, I only have about 6 more months to go before Ava will be weaned!! I'm so glad I don't have to give it up forever...thanks for visiting my blog!! I a huge fan of yours!! :)