Friday, January 8, 2010

Hangin' with Heloise

Well after 2 weeks of being sick, I'm finally getting back on my feet again. It's probably at least partially my fault that it dragged out so long, because I can be ridiculously stubborn when it comes to accepting help and taking it easy. However, my wonderful husband finally insisted that he would take Ava duty for a night and that I stay in bed for a full day. (And since I haven't had the forsight to buy any formula in case of emergencies, that included a messy nightime rice cereal session. What a guy!!)

A day in bed is a mild form of torture to me. And how did you pass the time, you ask? Why, with my good friend Heloise of course :) On one of my visits back home to New York, I came across a very old book of hers and "borrowed" it from my mom. (Mom, you know you're never getting it back.) I'm not sure what attracted me to this book, but as soon as I started flipping through the well read and well marked pages (including old newspaper clippings of her column, thanks, to my grandma!) I was hooked. More on Heloise to come!

While I was sick, I also came up with the random and borderline insane idea to have a "raw food" week. I'm going to chalk this one up to the fever. With all the excess time I had in bed to ponder on the great mysteries of the universe and our family's terribly unhealthy diet, I decided we have been eating far too many foods from a box or a can. Also contributing to this revelation is Ava's unconfirmed milk allergy (we see the allergist in the 26th, more on that later). As I've been eliminating dairy from my diet, I've been forced to read the labels on those boxes and cans, and frankly...I'm mildly disturbed. Why is there milk in my oatmeal and Betty Crocker sugar cookie mix?? So basically, this is going to be an experiment to see if we can actually go a week making all of our food ourselves, using only the raw ingredients. Now I know what you're all thinking, but not to worry - I've already found this homemade twinkie recipe :) Luckily, Stephen is always very agreeable to my crazy ideas. He's a great cook, so I have confidence that we can muddle through this. Tentative date is set for the beginning of February...stay tuned!!

Last but not least, our new Cuisinart food processor was delivered today!!! Sadly, after so much anticipation, I'm feeling pretty lousy tonight and we decided to put off testing it out until tomorrow. I'll be sure to share my baby food puree pictures tomorrow! Until then, goodnight!


  1. Does Heloise count as one of your books?? I am very glad you took it and are enjoying it! Grandma was always a faithful fan of hers....and don't worry, I have another book!

  2. I wasn't going to count's better for browsing than sitting and reading cover to cover :) I think the book might actually weight more than Ava...