Friday, January 11, 2013

Quick Takes #5

So excited to see Jen was back this week doing Quick Takes!! Not that you weren't a great host, Hallie :)

1. Gaaah ! I'm sitting here at the laptop eating hash browns and eggs for dinner, trying desperately to catch up on the internet and writing my takes at the eleventh hours (nothing new there...) I've been busy "packing and cleaning" because we're supposed to be leaving in the morning for NY to hang out with the fam, but despite the fact that I pulled out the suitcases 2 days ago, there is still nothing in them. If you must know, one of them is set up under the dining room table as a little fort, and the other is being used as a makeshift doll crib of some sort.

2. So that's the way this week has been going for us. One day Stephen called on the way home and I was telling him about how I spent all day cleaning, and when he walked in he looked a little confused about why there were dishes piled high in the sink and laundry overflowing from the hamper. I had to explain that I had to clean all day just to get the apartment back to it's normal state of disarray. Poor sweet man, he nods his head and tries to understand...oh the stories these walls could tell...

3. Needless to say, I haven't updated the blog layout yet. BUT - I did fix the problem with the feed so that counts for something, right?? I'm looking forward to 6 looong hours of travel time with the smart phone to catch up on email, blogs, Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest while listening to old Catholic Answers Live open forums while the girls glaze over in the back seat to Dora on the DVD player. Yeah, that's how we roll around here.

4. This week the dough hook to my KitchenAid mixer broke. :( Wop wop...I'm lost in the kitchen without that thing. I did a quick Google search and found one of the lowest prices was through...Zappos?? Like, the place I buy my favorite shoes?? Plus, I am a VIP member (Which is FREE, but there's a waiting list right now) So I get FREE OVERNIGHT SHIPPING. You can literally order at 4PM here on the East Coast and it will show up at your house the very next day. It's like MAGIC. How do they do that?! (I'm totally not being paid for this endorsement...but I SHOULD BE, right?!)

So did anyone else know that Zappos sold home goods or am I the only one out of the loop on this?? I'm thinking yes now that I just saw that "At Home" is one of the categories on their navigation bar...

5. I don't usually watch the Soup but I needed a dose of levity on Wednesday night and was horrified to learn of a new reality show...Best Funeral Ever.
...I don't even know what to say.

6. I'm considering joining tabaholics anonymous. Seriously. I have a problem.

You know you're in trouble when you can't see the tab icons anymore...

7. And thank you to my late night quick takes couch buddy :)

Go see Jen (yay!) for more Quick Takes!!


  1. Oh, I need to join tabaholics anonymous as well. You know you're in trouble when you open another window and start the madness over again ;-)

    And that reality show looks wayyy disturbing.

  2. Yes!!! I do that too!!! Tabaholics unite :)

  3. Haha I'm the opposite, I'm OCD about closing out tabs.

    AMEN to #2. You don't even know how often that happens to me. I explained to Sean on Wednesday that I didn't stop cleaning from the time I got home from work til when he walked in at 9 and he was like "uhhhh..." It's the dumb laundry! It takes forever and there's nothing to show for your work when it's put away.

    They don't understand.

    1. If the house merely looks the same at the end of the day it means we worked our tails off!! That crib our baby sleeps in over in the corner? It was entirely covered in poop earlier, as was our baby. And the toys that are scattered all over the floor as usual? One got thrown in the toilet and had to be cleaned, 3 books were ripped and then repaired, and I got glued the tiara back together again. The girls beds that aren't made? Welp, washed sheets after somebody had an accident on them....twice.

      Sometimes I'd like to install a camera so I could watch a time lapse of our days :)