Sunday, February 24, 2013

Happy 30th Birthday + 1 Week

Stephen turned 30...last Sunday.

Why the delay in reporting?  I had tried to hire someone on Fiverr to make a hilarious rap birthday video for him that I was going to post on the blog as a happy birthday message, but they never delivered.  Sob. (Note...I'm crying, not cursing :)  He already got his present, but I really, really, really wanted a little extra something to make this birthday special since it's kind of a milestone and all that.  Plus, he has a history of birthday disasters, like our children throwing up on him.  Last year there was more sickness and we said we'd celebrate his birthday later - later still hasn't come.

So the wheels in my head started turning.  Because I am terrible at lying and keeping secrets, I had already hinted to Stephen that I had an intangible gift for him, and he responded with "Did you have Jimmy Akin make a birthday video for me?!"


Well it couldn't hurt to beg and plead ask, right?


He said yes.

And it is so awesome it hurts.

And now, consider me PRESIDENT of the

Thank you again Mr. Akin.  This was utterly brilliant.

And also a huge thank you to Meg who helped me covertly get Stephen to watch this...

And Stephen, love of my life and very best friend...



  1. Bwahahahahaha! I'm so proud of myself for watching the whole thing. Happy Birthday, Stephen! Thanks for inadvertently making me smarter.

  2. Wow! Add awesome wife to your list of attributes, Jamie! And did you make that cake, because I kinda really want a piece right now...

  3. Best birthday present ever. You're the best and I love you. :)

    Also, it looks like I'd been into the birthday rum when that picture was taken.