Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Five Favorites - The EASTER EDITION

Ya'll...Sunday is PALM SUNDAY.
That means I can start getting ready for Easter, right??

Be back later with Liebsters...PROMISE!! :)

1. Vintage Easter Prints

How cute are these!!!  And best of all, totally free download.

2. Eco Friendly Eggs

These babies are made from 100% renewable content, BPA free, fully compostable, and MADE IN USA.  Win, win, win, and win!!  It looks like they only sell them in large quantities, so find an eco-friendly buddy or two to split an order with you (Hey Rosie... :)

3. Adorable Skirts

It looks like they are out of stock on this skirt, but I absolutely love the style for spring - especially paired with a crisp white button down.  Let me know if you find or know of something similar!!

4. Watercolor Eggs

I love the look of watercolor eggs.  There are lots of different ways to achieve this look, just search Pinterest!!

5. This... cute and I want it on my Easter table.

Go see Hallie for more!!


  1. I love that last one....I always use empty jars and bottles for fresh cut flowers, love the idea of adding that paper around the jar or bottle!

  2. Love the free printable you found! I'll have to go take a look at that...I rarely decorate for Easter cause I'm more of a Christmas decorator (and let's face it, I'm still tired out from Christmas decorating!)but I've always wanted to have more seasonal things up around the house.
    And those watercolor pretty!

  3. That skirt is SO cute!! Also, I looove #5!

  4. I love #5 and also want them on my table!

  5. If I were more eco-friendly I'd be all over those eco-eggs. BUT the key to my eco-friendliness is laziness. We've been using the same plastic eggs since John Paul's 2nd Easter (they're a favorite bath toy) and I'm supplementing this year with 12 new ones from the dollar store. Too lazy to order environmentally responsible eggs :P