Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Five Favorites

Linking up with Hallie again for Five Favorites!!

1. Gap jeggings

Source: via jamiegewand on Pinterest

After 3.5 years, I feel like I'm finally starting to nail my mom style routine - jeggings and an oversized top.  Rocket science, I tell ya.  My first and only pair of skinny jegging type jeans were from the Gap, and I loved them til the knees wore out.  (Aaaand I'm still loving them :)  I just bought another pair and they are also excellent.

**UPDATE: I would like to clarify I'm not being a snob about mass producing chain stores...I meant that ideally I would prefer to thrift clothes or buy made in USA but J-Brand wasn't in the budget this time :)
I am not a huge fan of buying things from mass producing chain stores, but in the "Under $100 and Not Made in USA" category these are a clear winner - I can move around very very very comfortably in these and they have an excellent rise in the back.  I have tried on a lot of skinny jeans and jeggings, and these are the best.  I promise.  The key is the 98% cotton 2% spandex ratio - that's solid jegging gold right there.  (Not all Gap jeggings have that ratio, so definitely check before you buy)

2. Origins GinZing eye cream.

This stuff makes me look like I'm 25 again!!!

(I'm 26 now...why do you ask??)

(And we won't mention the fact that my children are all sleeping through the night at the moment.)

Seriously though, it makes me feel better about my crinkly tired mom eyes.  Maybe it's a placebo effect.  A very, very, expensive placebo effect.  But it lasts forever and ever and ever (like, a year or two) so it's really not that bad.

3. Paper straws

I'm way late to the paper straw party, but better late than never right??

Actually at first I thought it was a stupid waste of money to buy fancy paper straws but then I got over it and realized it's the little thrills in life that put huge smiles on my girls faces and make our days more fun :)

4. Kumon Books

On days I don't have time to Pinterest or just don't feel like fighting with my extremely insolent printer, I've been relying on Kumon.  Ava is obsessed with the maze books but everything we've tried from them so far has been great.  Because I'm rarely organized enough to print out educational materials for my children the night before, having some Kumon books on hand has been a life saver.  (And hey - I figured out how to pin this and then embed it so it's not an affilliate link or anything, but Kumon I will happily accept free products in exchange for this endorsement!!!!)

5. THE POPE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hate to be unoriginal here, but how could I NOT say it??!  Habemus Papam!!!!!!!

Go check out Hallie's place for all the rest!!!


  1. Ooh-I love my abercrombie skinnies but they are wearing out too. I'm glad to hear that the Gap ones are good too!

    So excited about Pope Francis too!!

  2. Do I get to look 25 too if I use Origins GinZing eye cream? (I'm 33.) ;)