Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Valentine's Day Link Up

I hope Ana is handing out honorary awards for last person to link up.

I made something.  But first, let me tell you all the things I was GOING to make.

I dreamed great dreams.  My original idea was to turn a pair of boot cut jeans into skinnies.  But then I realized I don't sew or own a sewing machine and probably "I took these jeans to the tailor.  The end." probably wouldn't make a really good blog post.

Then I was going to make this:

Stephen had already built a pallet sign with leftover wood from the girls platform beds!  And so I reached for the can of wood stain and my very wonderful husband said HEY - are you trying to kill us all??

Apparently you need to have the windows open for this sort of thing - not a great idea in a tiny apartment in the middle of winter.

Then I got the great idea to take it to NC and do it at our family's house since we could leave it outdoors there!  And so we brought it along - and completely forgot about it!

Then I remembered I bought a crochet pattern for little girl slippers on Etsy back when I was nesting.

I suppose they resemble slippers, but these two were approximately attempt 8 and 9 and they were sort of ok but I just couldn't figure out how to make them higher in the back so they would stay on the girls feet.  Starting to realize I need to downsize my ambitions...

Then I thought of these mugs I bought at Goodwill last year and the ceramic pen sitting in my craft drawer waiting to be used.  (Side note...bought the pen at Michael's for about 4 bucks without a coupon...)  My mom and sisters were visiting and they all decorated very cute mugs and I...did mine over and over and over at least 400 times and then gave up because I am...how do you say it...oh yes, TYPE A.

I repeated that whole scenario - drawing and redrawing on my mug, washing it off...and then I realized there are 18 hours left to link up and Meg is coming over tomorrow and I should probably go clean the toilets or something so I just stopped.

Here's what I got:

Remind me to add "handwriting skills" to my New Years Resolutions list

Maybe not as glorious as all the awesome ones I see on Pinterest and Etsy and it's hardly original, but hey - it's better than a plain white mug right?

Thanks Ana for pushing me to to my full mug-creating potential!!  I actually had a lot of fun despite the setbacks - once again channeling my inner Gretchen Ruben and trying to enjoy the fun of failure.  Why do I put fun craft stuff on the back burner so often?

Oh yes, now I remember

I kid you not, as I wrote those words I turned around to this sight.  A little dab of peanut butter on the corner of each of our chairs.  Ava said "look mom, it's funny!!"

I said Ava, that is not funny.  Not funny at all.

Then, not my finest mom moment, I giggled a little at the sheer absurdity of it all.

And Ava said "See mom?  It IS funny!!"


Ok it's a little funny.

I'm gonna go pour myself a rather large cup of coffee in my awesome mug now.


  1. I think it was more like, "Hey...do you want Clare to walk into walls even more than she does now?"

  2. Maybe the fumes would help Clare see clearly...you never know! ;)

  3. Is there no end to your talents, Jamie! : ) super cute!

  4. I think you've covered the full spectrum of crafting possibilities here!

    I can fully relate to abandoning projects because they aren't turning out *exactly right.* I used to sketch and paint but I've all but given it up now since I don't have time to obsessively stare at my work and fix it, an re-fix it and crumple it up and start again......I just stick with things that I know I can do and/or are supposed to look *handmade* :)

    I love the mugs! And I don't know about you, but my table and chairs are pretty much always decorated with at least a touch of PB and sometimes just a dab of jelly, it really sets the whole composition off......

  5. Jamie- I am so glad you linked it, I love it!! And I think it is so appropriate that you were the last link since you were the one who inspired it!!! I hope you win!! (i will try not to rig it :)

  6. So cute! This sounds just like how my crafting plans go. :)
    I love the personalized mugs, and it's something you'll use every day.

  7. I think one of my major failings as a parent is the inability to keep a straight face when naughty things are also VERY funny.

    You're not alone :P

  8. I looove those mugs! You did a great job, Jame! And this post made me smile... especially the last part...oh Ava!