Thursday, March 7, 2013


I had the brilliant idea to double dip my Thursday post since I took so many pictures of different kinds of piles...then I saw that Dwija definitely already did this.  Hey, great minds think alike right??

So I'm linking up for Theme Thursday and {pretty, happy, funny, real} this week - because it's just not a link up until Jamie crashes the party at the 11th hour.

My Thursday mission is now to: "Capture piles in the context of contentment in everyday life".

Buckle your seat belts, kids.


Late night snickerdoodle snack


Girls artwork I'm saving


Trying to take a picture of a pile of children.
This is about how well that went.
Really glad I didn't add Emeric to the mix.


This is the "see we really do have a messy house
sometimes but hopefully not so messy that you want
to call the health department on us" shot.

Thank you Clan-Donaldson and Like Mother, Like Daughter for hosting!!!


  1. chick-fil-a, exposed brick, and big beautiful windows letting in natural light hmmmmm can I come live at your house because it looks like heaven to me!

  2. Oh, this is funny--I combined my Thankful post with "Piles"!! I also did kid piles--had to!! Love your piles--especially the kiddos!

  3. Now I really want snickerdoodles. :-)

  4. That may be messy but those windows are amazing! And I'm totally jealous of your cookies :)

  5. I. want. those. cookies. Love this, Jamie!

  6. Your real is completely awesome! So, so, so much fun happening in that picture!

  7. Mmmm snickerdoodles... And choking...

  8. I feel the same way about link-ups. I can only ever manage to get my post up right before they close. Such is life, I guess. I love your windows in the living room! So much happy light! :)

  9. "Piles of contentment"!! Love it. And those cookies!!