Saturday, March 23, 2013

Quick Takes Vol. 14

Jen, I really could have used the reverse order this week :)

1. Let's pinpoint the cause of this week's tardiness...
I'm getting pretty fancy with Picasa.

...all right I give up.  It definitely wasn't related to crocheting leprechaun pots for our leprechaun trap though.  Definitely not.

2. Last Friday, I decided to try introducing the girls to stations of the cross.  I took a page from Lacy and downloaded the Holy Heroes CD from Amazon and printed out coloring pages to work on while we listened.  It went pretty well other than Ava asking every 2 minutes or so "Where did Jesus go pee pee when he was on the cross??"

3. After another trip to the pediatrician who is urging me to take my children to the dentist before age 1, I finally relented and took both girls for their first checkup.

Ava did an awesome job.  Clare refused to open her mouth.

I'm definitely right about the whole "it's pointless to take young children to the dentist" thing.

4. We got a globe this week, and I am stoked.  I am such a geography nerd.

The girls seem fascinated with it so far and it's hilarious to hear Ava randomly asking things like "hey mom, where is Ethiopia again??"

5. Stephen finished his first rosary, and it is AWESOME.

Tell him to open an Etsy shop already!!  The man's got talent.

6. Thank you Aggie Catholic for this one...I'm a little bit worried that whoever wrote this song has hidden cameras around my apartment and wrote this about my life.

7. Conversation this week with Haley:

Haley: you should be asleep.....and in the morning we will be there with creeps for seven years stoke....that is so perfect!!!
 Me: wait...what???
 Mom: we will come in the morning and bring a seven year supply of crepes...and babysit for three years...or more....and......let you blog all day!!!!!!!!!!!!!![I wish}

Ahhh...the girl knows me so well.  Crepes and uninterrupted blogging time...what more could a mom ask for.  Someday...

Have a great weekend everyone...and go check out Jen's place for the rest!!!


  1. They're baby teeth! They're going to fall out anyway, the dentist is pointless!

    Says the mom who is resisting taking any of her kids because WHEN WHEN WHEN AND HOW will I ever have the time??? Give them a few years and they'll love it, but it's nothing to worry about. Just one of those things that you smile and nod to your pediatrician about and then don't follow the advice :P

  2. So your girls have the most stylish boots ever! : ) love them!

  3. That video! Wow! How could they sing that so seriously?

  4. That conversation with Haley...hahaha!