Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Five Favorites!!!!!

And five exclamation points.  Come on...everybody's doing it!!

1. Bringing up Bebe

I'm completely fascinated with the topic of parenting in different cultures at the moment and I think my favorite takeaway from this book was the idea of "food education".  I generally just throw PBJ's at my kids for lunch and beg them to take a bite of something green at some point during the day, but since reading this I've been trying to think of meal time as an opportunity to educate and engage the girls palates.  See?  Reading this book makes you instantly fancy.

2. Skipper Skimmers in "That's a croc in flambe"

Cute, cute, cute and made in America!!  And the few sizes they have left are on sale - NOBODY BUY OUT THE 7'S BEFORE I GET A CHANCE!!

3. GoodReads

A huge thank you Meg for introducing me to goodreads!!  I'll be honest - I don't really know what I'm doing yet but it looks like fun so far.  Definitely a better way to keep track of books I'm interested in than my Amazon Wishlist...

4. Cute Notebooks

Isn't this the cutest notebook??  And it's from Noonday, so it's helping people too.  Total win.


I saved the best for last.

 I just can't get enough of these puppies right now.  I think I make them an average of twice a day, and I'm not even ashamed.  Here's the recipe I use - very quick and simple.

Thank you Hallie for hosting!! This was a GREAT idea!!

(Note: I just signed up for Amazon Affiliates, because I wasn't sure about taking a random photo from Amazon and putting it on my blog and I figured if Amazon Affiliates gives you the actual code to do it, it must be ok??  I feel like a total blogging dunce right now and some time soon when I get the chance I'm going to sit down and figure out what this disclosure policy stuff even means - but for now, since I don't want the internet police coming after me, I just wanted to give you a heads up that any Amazon links in this post are affiliate links so I get compensated if you buy stuff using those links...And if anyone wants to sit down and explain this all to me I would be eternally grateful.)


  1. Such cute shoes! And super-delicious looking crepes! And oh, boy, could one particular child of mine use a "food education."

  2. Ooooh, I didn't know noonday had non-jewelry items. Ca-yooooooooot!

  3. mmmmm nutella crepes. I have a tendency to spread nutella on a tortilla and roll it up. Not quite as fancy, and probably not quite as delicious, but definitely efficient and tasty!

  4. Nutella crepes?? be. still. my. heart. yummy!

  5. You make crepes? Crepes! What other talents are you hiding?! : )

  6. Yumm-crepes! I made have to try that recipe bc I have been in a major crepes mood this week. Feeding crepes to your girls totally makes you chic and counts as expanding their cultural horizons, right? French food? I'd say that is a win :)

  7. That book sounds riiiight up my alley. I need to check it out!

  8. LOVED Bringing Up Bebe. It may actually be my favorite of all the books I read in 2012. Such goodness!

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