Friday, March 1, 2013

Quick Takes Volume 11

Taking the Quick Takes night shift...

1. After I post the pic of me with THE MUG last week, I started worrying that I might look like a creepy Jennifer Fulwiler stalker.  So I tried to come up with a way to make myself not seem so stalkerish and I decided to start...drumroll please...a quirky mug collection.  Not only does it redeem my unhealthy obsession with THE MUG, but Gretchen Ruben tells me that cultivating a collection will make me a happier and more well rounded person.  Or something like that.  Win-win.

2. I have already decided the next quirky mug I would like to add to my collection.

Go here to find out how awesome Jimmy Akin is, and then go here to buy your way into the fan club.

3. Another order of business - I realized when I was looking at my list of "Popular Posts" last week that Stephenisms was #1 on the list but didn't have a picture.  And that is the story of why I decided to dress our cat in a taco costume.

Full credit goes to Stephen for engineering this costume.

If anyone is in need of a good Taco Cat picture, I hereby release this picture into the public domain.
You're welcome.

4.  Because I am a chronic over-sharer, I am super excited that Jessie Pope gave me a Liebster Award!!!

I can't say Jessie without saying Pope.
Not really helping my "I'm not a stalker" case, I know.
Keep your eyeballs peeled for that post if you're curious to know more about the secret and very mysterious life of Jamie...

5. At 4 months old, Emeric already has a distinct preference in his dolly ladies.

He always goes for the Brunette.
I noticed this week that he seemed to really like this little brown-haired princess doll, so I decided to do some very scientific research and offered him dolls of two different hair colors at random points throughout the day and he always chose the brunette.  As you can see, two of the dolls in the picture are identical except for hair color so this study is totally rock solid.

6. I started reading "Bringing Up Bebe" on my Kindle app during my 4 hour stint at the ER this weekend and have now renewed my vows to give my children a good food education.

French people eat Nutella too, but probably not like this.
Anyway, I recently discovered the French Foodie Baby Blog, and I'm completely fascinated.  I don't think I'll ever be feeding the girls cod and brussels sprouts in garlic creme, but the PBJ rut we'll fallen into lately has got to go.

7.  I know nobody needs to hear this again, but thank goodness it's March.  I'm sorry for being so unresponsive with blogging stuff lately - I'll be back soon!!  I think I'm almost healthy again.  I think.

Go see Jen for the rest - there's pleeeenty of takes to read by now :)


  1. John Paul LOVES brussels sprouts. And he loved cod the one time he had it. Kids are nuts!

    1. Also, Taco Cat is WAY better than Cat Taco.


  2. Hahaha you get me EVERY time with the Elf references. Super excited to learn 11 things about you. (I guess I'm competing with you for the creepiest stalker?)

    And oh em GEE, do I LOVE chocolate covered baby faces. (Oh yep, just beat you out for the creepiest, for sure.)

  3. Hilarious :)

    And goodness, I just nominated you for a Liebster too! Haha.

  4. What an awesome mug! My Mom loves jimmy akin